The first appearance of this sport in Italy was in 1988 and the first regatta with this oriental boat took place in Rome on the artificial lake of Eur, where the Italian Dragon Boat Federation is based. The first pink teams of Dragon Boat, made up of the women who survived to the abreast cancer, were born in the second half of the 90s: the first ones in Canada, then in Australia, then in the USA, New Zeland, Singapore, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Poland and UK. 

In 2004 the first italian team was born in Rome: “Pink Butterfly”; also in Turin a group of operated women started with the dregon boating; first the CUS Turin, then the “Società Canottieri Esperia” and then “Amici del Fiume” took part in the project and they make available the dragon boat and two coaches for the pink women of Turin.

The Dragonette team of Turin partecipated at the Vogalonga in Venice, at the Italian Dragon Boat championship in Rome and in Florence, at the Trophy Sandro Pertini in Savona and at the World championship in Milan on the 2nd September 2012. Since 1996 more than 250 teams have been born all over the world, made up of operated women.

Each competition is an opportunity to show that it can be possible to live actively after a breast cancer.
At the end of each regatta there is a wonderful flower ceremony on the water: a tradition in order to remember the ones that passed away.

All the dragon boats get closer in a symbolic hug, the athletes hold their hands and they move the boat with their bodies: then there is a minute of deep silence, the throw of the flowers in the Po, a strong emotion can be felt all around and last there is a long strong clapping, that is the beginning of the final party.