Turin is easily accessible by every kind of transport and from everywhere, however it is also a good place to easily begin your trip to the other tourist destinations of the area.


The International Turin Airport is a special access point for national or international flights. The stopover is easily within reach of the city by car, train or bus.


The Porta Nuova station is the third largest in Italy according to the number of travellers and also due to its non-stop trains for major cities such as Barcelona, Lyon, Paris and Swiss, Austrian, German and East-European cities. There is also the Porta Susa station, currently under renovation, which will be the main station for national and international lines. An impressive innovation was introduced in 2006 with the High Speed train.


The urban GTT transport and the GTT underground are used every day by more than 640,000 people. The GTT lines are really long and they cover about 56 milion km in a year on the railway and underground. Moreover, Turin has one of the first automatic underground system in Italy: it consist of light driverless vehicles in order to reduce the waiting time and to adapt the service to different time zones.

You can also rent bikes (even electrical bikes) and push scooters all around the city.