The project "Abreast in a boat" was started in 1996 in Canada, by Dr. Don McKenzie, a sports medicine specialist at the University of British Columbia and professor in the School of Kinesiology, as physical training program for the benefit of 24 breast cancer survivors to challenge the notion that they should lead physically-restricted life after surgery. He proved that Dragon Boat PAddling not only can prevent the development of Lymphedema, but benefits breast cancer survivors by improving women's wellness and post-treatment quality life.
Since that day, this project has been developed all over the World, the First Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission was founded to encourage the establishment of breast cancer Dragon Boat teams in countries where no such teams exist and to support those teams already established.
The first Italian team was formed in Rome in 2003 and then in Florence, Cagliari, Venice, Jesolo, Turin, Sabaudia, Chioggia, Milano, Bergamo, Mestre, Empoli and Pisa.


The Dragon Boat is an old Chinese rowing-boat 12,66 meters long with a dragon head and tail; the paddles are similar to the Canadian ones, weighing about 1 kilo. 20 athletes (10 on the right and 10 on the left) sit on the hull. On the prow, facing the crew, a drummer beats the rhythm on a big drum, whereas on the stern, exactly on the tail, the helmsman "struggles" with a large 3-metre paddle.


Recently our BCS Team "DRAGONETTE" has been officially recognized by the Italian Dragon Boat Federation.
We are proud to have become a crew which is able to take part in competitions and enjoy Dragon Boat Events.
We welcome in our team our no-bcs supporters who take part in the training and in all our activities(sporting, fund-rising and for fun). Now our aim is to have two teams – the Pink one and the Blue one – which is almost accomplished.